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Saturday, June 22nd, Lakewood Elks, 6-9

Friday, June 28th, Ralston Lounge, 5-8

Thursday, July 4th, Wrigley's Chicago Bar, Golden, CO, 3-7

Saturday, July 13th, Malone's Clubhouse Grill, 5-8

Sunday, July 14th, Wide Open Saloon, 11-2

Thursday, July 18th, Wrigley's Chicago Bar, 5-9

Saturday,July 20th, Brooks Place Tavern, Aspen Park, CO, 1-4

Thursday, August 1st, Wrigley's Chicago Bar, 5-9

Sunday, August 4th, Wide Open Saloon, 11-2

Saturday, August 10th, Malone's Clubhouse Grill, 5-8

Thursday, August 15th, Wrigley's Chicago Bar, 5-9

Friday, August 23rd, Ralston Lounge, Arvada, CO, 5-8

Saturday, August 17th, Brooks Pl. Tavern, Aspen Park CO, 1-4

Thursday, August 29th, Wrigley's Chicago Bar, Golden CO, 5-9

Saturday, September 7th, Malone's Clubhouse Grill, 5-8

Saturday, Sept. 8th, Wide Open Saloon, Sedalia, CO, 11-2

Thursday, June 20th, Wrigley's Chicago Bar, 5-9

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